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Training at Ullswater Sailing School and UYC 2018

UYC is a recognised RYA Training Centre, this means we run courses throughout the year in accordance with the RYA schemes. All our instructors are fully qualified and are usually volunteers from within the club. The programmes start at the beginning of May including the UYC members' training. Whether you are just starting out or wanting to develop your current skills, there will be a programme to suit you.

Adult Training (age 16+) 2 Day courses following the RYA Adult Scheme:
* Level 1 Start Sailing – an introduction to the sport covering the minimum knowledge to get afloat and sail under supervision in light winds.
* Level 2 Basic Skills – Covering the foundations of the sport and enabling you to sail independently in good conditions.
* Level 3 Better Sailing – Consolidating skills learnt in levels 1 and 2, and introducing some new skills from the advanced modules.

Junior Training (age 7-16) 2 Day courses following the RYA Junior Scheme:
* Stage 1 A basic understanding of how a boat sails with some experience of handling a boat under supervision.
* Stage 2 Developing a range of sailing skills and knowledge and becoming well on the way to being a confident sailor.
* Stage 3 Rigging, launching and being able to sail in any direction independently in moderate conditions.
* Stage 4 Developing the skills to sail a double-handed boat

Advanced Modules
– Both for adults and juniors upon completion of the above 
(Stage 4 optional):
* Seamanship Skills

* Sailing with spinnakers
* Start Racing
* Performance Sailing

Other available training:

Powerboat Level 2  These are 2 day courses to help you gain essential skills in handling powerboats. These skills can be utilised when on safety duty. You can also book on for a direct assessment if you an experienced powerboater.

First Aid A one-day nationally recognised course with a bias towards water sports.

Club Training 2018 

We have adapted the format for the club dinghy sailing training for the 2018 season.  All dates are in the club programme. 
At the training weekend (12th & 13th May) we plan to offer the following courses; Youth (8 - 16) stages 1-3 plus start racing. Adult Start Sailing / Basic skills (Levels 1 & 2) 
In addition we will be running 8 Saturday mornings training sessions 10am to 12 noon, at which there will be the same courses running in the first group of 4 (June and July), then we will plan to progress to Adult Level 3 in the second groups of 4 (August and September). 
The booking forms will be available on the club website closer to the course dates. If you would like any additional or bespoke training this can be arranged for members at a discount through the Sailing School. 

 Dinghy Instructor Training 

A five-day course for competent sailors, with current first aid and powerboat level 2, who would like to inspire others and promote the sport of sailing. 
For further information on booking and course dates please speak to our Sailing Development Officer Edmund Clarke, 07826 382612 or email