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The Cruiser Fleet



At Ullswater Yacht Club we sail a great variety of yachts which are used both for racing and cruising on this beautiful lake. Taking to the water on a yacht gives you such a good view of all the scenery from an aspect you would not normally get from any other place. We have yachts ranging from the slow and steady to the fast and furious, small and compact to large and spacious. We do operate a restriction on size to being not more than 25ft 6ins overall for membership of the club although you will see larger craft elsewhere on the lake.

There are 102 swinging moorings controlled by the club  in the bay next to the clubhouse and just north of the club. Both can be accessed by dinghy from the club site and there are numerous other spaces available through private marinas and the Dalemain Estate. Allocation of club moorings is by seniority, active involvement in the club and sometimes because your boat fits the space best.

We have a ‘buddy’ system operating to help new members into the swing of things and we can arrange coaching and tuition for those venturing into cruiser sailing. We like to think that all members will enter into the spirit of the club which is run very much on a volunteer basis, helping with duties in the race control box and on safety duty while racing is taking place. Tuition is there for you for this as well. Explore the rest of the website to get a flavour of things to come. Visit in person and talk to people (who are very friendly) who will explain more in detail than can be included here.
- Robin Stanley

Dalemain Moorings

Moorings are available from Dalemain Estates in three locations on Ullswater, Eusemere (near Pooley Bridge), Gale Bay (between Eusemere and Waterside camp site), and Sharrow Bay (between the Hotel and Ravencragg). The positions and numbering of the moorings are monitored by the National Park Authority. For more details, contact the Dalemain Estate Office on 017684 86450.