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Clubhouse update RIBA Design Competition Judging Complete

Clubhouse update RIBA Design Competition Judging Complete


On 15th February the RIBA received 180 Design Submissions from the 220 plus entrants. After a short review for compliance with the Brief the submissions were handed over to John Innerdale and I sort them out prior to judging into A – Strong Contenders, B – Potential Contenders and C – Non Contenders. This process took us 2 full, but also enjoyable days as we saw many great schemes, submissions that where works of art and one’s that had fun elements to them.
Over the weekend of 26th and 27th February we have done firstly, the formal RIBA Judging that included John Robinson and John Tweed (the RIBA Independent Judge) and secondly, a meeting with the UYC New Clubhouse Group that in addition to the two Johns and I includes John Longstaff, John Robson and Dave Lyons.
From the Judging we have 3 Potential Winners and from the Group, a list of questions to go to these Architectural Practices that would need to be answered at the presentations on 21st March. On that day and ahead of the presentations we have a meeting with the National Park Planning at the Yacht Club to get their views on the Schemes that they would be happy to see UYC develop and submit for planning approval.
We will on 26th March present to the UYC Management Committee the process that we have gone through with the RIBA, views from the Planners, conclusions from the presentations by the Practices and the Preferred Scheme. We will at that meeting seek endorsement of the Preferred Scheme for the Members to view.
The Preferred Scheme, other Potential Winners, those that were Strong Contenders and a selection of the other Designs will be displayed at the Club over the Easter Weekend. Myself and others from the UYC New Clubhouse Group will be on hand at various times to discuss the Schemes with Members.
Provided the above process supports the Preferred Scheme we will then seek approval from the Committee for the RIBA to formally advise that Practice that they are the Winner and that subject to approval by the Members at the AGM in October they will be the Architect for the Project with Design and Planning next winter.
At the moment only a few of us know the Potential Winners. We can’t wait to show you these as all us believe that they give us a stunning new Yacht Club with many improvements over the current facilities whilst taking full advantage of the location and views.
Brian Moreton
UYC New Clubhouse Group

Posted on 28 February 2011 (Archive on 28 March 2011)
Posted by John Robson  Contributed by John Robson


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