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RIBA Design Competition - Preferred Scheme

RIBA Design Competition - Preferred Scheme


After a process that started last December we now have a Preferred Scheme that has been endorsed by the National Park Planners and the UYC Management Committee. Members will now be shown this Scheme at the Club on Easter Saturday & Sunday between 11am and 4pm. Those that can’t get to the Club can look at the Scheme via the Club Website.
In the update provided at the end of February we had Pre-Judged 180 Design Submissions, Judged 35 Schemes, Evaluated on site a Shortlist of 11 and selected 3 Potential Winners for presentations at the end of March. Only when we had chosen the Potential Winners did we open the Practice papers and were pleased to see that 2 of these were Cumbrian Practices.
Whilst the original RIBA plan was to select 3 Potential Winners for Stage 2 Presentations and further work on design or details all of the Judges agree that 1 of these already stood out as the Preferred Scheme. It was an “Iconic Building” that met all of our Flood, Capacity, Size and Cost objectives.
The presentations took place on Monday 21st March after we had an on-site meeting with the National Park Planners. In this meeting we focused on the “Preferred Scheme” and whether the Planners could support it’s development into a successful planning application. After walking the site and considering the building, views from and to the building and how site use would improve we were given their support to proceed with this scheme. They commented on the fact that whilst “Iconic” the building fitted in so well with the site, was simple yet stunning and functionally worked well on all parts of our needs.
As is often the case the Strong just get Stronger and this was evident in the presentations that followed. The Preferred Scheme by Architects Plus (from Carlisle) was more advanced than others and this included Structural Analysis by Tweddell & Slater who did the recent Club Repairs and Cost Analysis by Donley’s Quantity Surveyors. They came across as a Team that could work with UYC and the National Park to deliver the Project within Budget.
On Saturday 26th March the UYC Management Committee endorsed the Preferred Scheme that will now be presented to Members. As we have said before we are not seeking approval to the next phase of the New Clubhouse of Design and Planning this will be at the AGM in September. All we are looking for at Easter is that Members support the RIBA judging process and the Preferred Scheme that has come from this.
Brian Moreton
UYC New Clubhouse Group

Posted on 04 April 2011 (Archive on 02 May 2011)
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