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New Club House update

New Club House update


Ullswater Yacht Club, New Clubhouse - Winning Entry
Member’s Questions and Comments – Easter Weekend 2011
1.     Could the balcony be wider to accommodate some limited seating? Members will gravitate to the outdoors – and why not?
Answer: The width is 1.5m which is the same as the current balcony but about 3 times longer so a significant increase in seating capacity.
2.     Could the bottom half of the race box be screened to hide clutter? And does it need to be bigger?
Answer: It can be screened. The current race box is 10 square metres as is the new one. The difference is that the area for computing results would be in the office downstairs in the new Clubhouse.
3.     There is no Plant Room (heating, water tanks etc). This needs to be added.
Answer:  A number of heating strategies will be investigated in the Design Phase and depending on the solution the size of plant will vary however we do not expect this to require a separate plant room i.e. it would be accommodated within the ground floor store room. 
4.     Buoyancy calculations? 
Answer: Will be in Design Phase scope.
5.     Reduce length of pipework between bar store and bar (swap office/bar store over?)
Answer: Will be looked at in next phase.
6.     Access to bar/kitchen is a long way – especially when wet inbetween races. This makes the bar inaccessible when wet. Move the bar/kitchen to wet area with an additional serving hatch.
Answer: All of the Design Schemes had due to Flood risk a greater distance to the bar and kitchen area and the Winning Entry is no different. The Winning Entry has what we asked for of Bar and Kitchen together to allow for joint staffing. This also allows for Drinks and Food to be served from both the Bar and the Kitchen hatches.
7.     Would still flood in the 2009 flood. Does it not need to be designed to 600m above the highest level?
Answer:  There is in fact an error on the one cross section as the Nov 2009 Flood was 149 metres and this is the level above the bund and below the ground floor windows. There is then 1 metre up to the Clubroom floor at 150 metres. Through design of the ground floor windows and seals some flood protection can therefore be provided up to 150 metres.
8.     How do the sliding doors work?
Answer:  The plans show the use of hinged doors rather than sliding ones. These can be incorporated into the facetted glazed facade more readily. The doors will be able to open through 180deg so they can be opened out of the way when in use.
9.     No members kitchen.
Answer: There is no member’s kitchen at present in the Winning Entry.
10. Would benefit from covered shelter at ground level – we often hide behind the club house.
Answer: Unlike the current Club House where there is no balcony that you can stand under the Winning Entry has a 360 degree balcony of 1.5 metres that you could shelter under.
11. Rainwater harvesting system?
Answer: Will be addressed as part of the Design Phase.
12. Looks too expensive – could we have a cheaper roof option? Could we not use materials from existing clubhouse?
Answer: The Base proposal was for a cheap Felt Roof but we are already thinking about the dearer Copper option. Against this we would look in the Design Phase about other lower cost options.
13. How do the changing room sizes compare to the current ones?
Answer: The whole building is 50% bigger than the current Club House.
14. Only 2 No ‘sit down’ WC’s in the gents compared to 4 No now.
Answer: Already pointed out to Architects Plus so will be addressed in the Design Phase.
15. Don’t have the door from the bar to the Race Office.
Answer: A good comment.
16. What are the additional costs for :-
·       Site clearance
·       Architectural fees
·       Contingency fees £4500?
Answer: In the Financial Model we had a total (High Case) of £690,000 and against this the Architects Plus scheme comes in at £600,000 excluding Architects Fees. We will in the next phase be doing a more comprehensive cost estimate that will look at site issues, utilities and level of contingency required.
17. Boat storage sheds – why not new build?
Answer: No need in the Winning Scheme to replace the existing storage sheds only add one more for the shed currently under the Club House. 
18. No toilets on the first floor.
Answer: That is correct but this is no different to other Yacht Clubs and putting additional one’s in upstairs only impacts the space in the Main Clubroom and increases operating costs.
19. Concern on wet/dry access area on first floor.
Answer: There is separation unlike the current Club House between the wet Clubroom and the dry Bar with wet access via the balcony.  
20. Difficult movement of goods/equipment from bar/kitchen.
Answer: Bar storage for Beer is in the store below and there is a lift for movement of goods to both Bar and Kitchen.  
21. Is there a drying room visualised?
Answer: Not at present but could be considered as part of the Design Phase although this would reduce changing room sizes.
22. Where is storage for lecture equipment?
Answer: The ground floor Office.

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