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Dinghy Park 2012

Dinghy Park 2012

 Please when you leave your boat will you ensure that it is securely tied to the rail and the ground ties, all of which were renewed last year.  Will you ensure that your boat is clearly identified using the stickers which Bill has at the bar.If you have a problem with your allocated berth will you leave your boat somewhere sensible and contact either Bill or myself and we will endeavour to make you happy. (Not having a sea view does not qualify as a valid problem!)

We have a number of unidentified Toppers left on the racks. I will be melting these down and reforming them as washing up bowls, waste bins or other sundry plastic items which will be sold to raise money for Club funds. If you think you left a Topper over the winter without it being readily identifiable it may be best to get down to the Club and claim it a.s.a.p.!!!!!

Finally, the Dinghy Park is looking somewhat deserted at the moment. Remember the season kicks off March 25th with the Spring Noggin. Those two lonely Skiffs would love some company both in the park and out on the water.

Wishing you all a good season,



Posted on 18 March 2012 (Archive on 15 April 2012)
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