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UYC Prizewinners 2012

UYC Prizewinners 2012


Class Helm Crew Events            
Cadet Will Melling   Fleet Weekend 1st            
Cadet Jack Nielson   Fleet Weekend 2nd            
Cadet Jayne Golden   Fleet Weekend 3rd            
Cruiser Andrew Cutting Derek Cutting Island Race 2nd Pegasus Trophy 3rd          
Cruiser Chris Barnfield Kate Barnfield Island Race 2nd Spring Trophy 3rd Ullswater Hotel Cup 1st President's Trophy 3rd    
Cruiser Colin Johnson Richard Sealby Spring Trophy 2nd Cruiser Island Series 2nd Wakefield Trophy 2nd Cruiser Points 2nd      
Cruiser Sam Harding Richard Sealby Sat. Island Series 1st Eddie Denton Trophy Ullswater Hotel Trophy 3rd      
Cruiser John Spivey William Bell Island Race 1st            
Cruiser Robin Stanley Marion Marshall Fleet Weekend 2nd Denis Vernon Series 3rd Wakefield Trophy 1st        
Cruiser Robin Barratt Robin Stanley Spring Trophy 1st            
Cruiser Robin Barratt Nigel Hampson Fleet Weekend 1st President's Trophy 2nd Pegasus Trophy 2nd        
Cruiser Ray Harle Neil Sayer Ullswater Hotel Trophy 2nd Denis Vernon Series 2nd Cruiser Island Series 1st Sat. Island Series 2nd Cruiser Points Series 1st Cruiser Regatta Trophy Briercliffe Boats Trophy
Cruiser Kevin Parr Andrew Percy Fleeet Weekend 3rd Cruiser Points 3rd          
Cruiser Dave Giles Sue Giles President's Trophy 1st Pegasus Trophy 1st Denis Vernon Trophy 1st Cruiser Island Series 3rd Sat Island Series 3rd    
Conventional Andy Baker   Laser Series 1st Spring Series 3rd          
Conventional Arthur Foord Ann Foord Spring Series 2nd Summer Series 1st Fleet Weekend 3rd Sat Start Racing 1st Sat T&D 2nd Sat Island Series 3rd  
Conventional Chris moran Josh Moran Fleet Weekend 2nd            
Conventional Josh Moran   Pursuit Race 3rd Spring Trophy 2nd          
Conventional Dave Giles Sue Giles Spring Series 1st Fleet Weekend 1st Wakefield Trophy 3rd        
Conventional David Sykes   Summer Series 2nd            
Conventional John Lyons   Autumn Series 2nd Spring Trophy 3rd          
Conventional A Henderson   Autumn Series 3rd            
Conventional Jonathan Nichol   Laser Series 3rd            
Conventional Phil Bairstow Steve Brown Sat T&D 3rd Sat Start Racing 2nd          
Conventional Sue Harding   Laser Series 2nd Summer Series 3rd          
Conventional Tom Nielson   Autumn Series 1st Laser Starfinder Trophy        
Asymetric Lester Noble Adam Ovington Island Race 1st Spring Series 2nd          
Asymetric Lester Noble John McAffie Sat Island Series 1st            
Asymetric Lester Noble   Fleet Weekend 3rd            
Asymetric Gordon Brooks Denise Sykes Summer Series 1st            
Asymetric Christian Barnes   Sat Start Racing 3rd            
Asymetric Anne Noble Chris Brooks Tom Ball Series 3rd Spring Series 3rd Summer Series 2nd Wakefield Trophy 1st Autumn Nip 2nd    
Asymetric Anne Noble Katie Stewardson Fleet Weekend 2nd Autumn Series 2nd          
Asymetric Anne Noble Jamie Nielson Twilight Series 1st            
Asymetric Chris Brooks Jayne Golden Autumn Series 1st            
Asymetric Matty Lyons James Lyons Tom Ball Series 1st Spring Trophy 1st Spring Series 1st Fleet Weekend 1st Sat T&D 1st Summer Series 3rd  
Asymetric Joe Pester Paul Murphy Tom Ball Series 2nd            
Asymetric Julia Noble   Tom Ball Series 3rd            
Asymetric Mark Simpson   Autumn Series 3rd Wakefield Trophy 3rd          
Asymetric Hannah Bailey and Team 8 Hr race trophy            
Tempest Ian Modral Robin Higgens Island Race 3rd Spring Series 2nd Summer Series 1st Fleet Weekend 1st      
Tempest Mike Adams Ian Modral Pursuit Race 2nd            
Tempest Mike Adams Martin Sykes Island Race 2nd Fleet Weekend 2nd Autumn Series 1st        
Tempest Mike Adams Steve Gaughan Spring Series 1st            
Tempest Mike Adams Nick Stewardson Twilight Series 2nd            
Tempest Mike Adams Ray Stiles Autumn Nip 1st            
Tempest Nick Stewardson Ray Stiles Autumn Series 2nd            
Tempest John Robinson Andy Hillier Summer Series 2nd Twilight Series 3rd          
Tempest John Robinson Craig Robinson Pursuit Race 1st            
Tempest John Robinson Lindsay Whitehead Autumn Series 3rd            
Tempest Mike Egan Keith McDermott Spring Series 2nd Summer Series 3rd Sat Island Series 2nd        
Peter Ellis-Groom Trophy For the most improved sailor of 2012 Will Melling              

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