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Note from the new Sailing Secretary

Note from the new Sailing Secretary

Welcome to the 2014 sailing program.

Just to introduce myself for those who don’t know who I am, my name is Graham Donkin and I’m the new Sailing Secretary (Club Racing) for the coming season.

I have been a member of UYC since 1997 when I came to UYC with my family, I started informally with the sailing club mainly during the summer holidays, sailing with my father on his Ruffian, and sailing my Contender.

During this time I was campaigning FF15’s on the circuit, so I was not racing at UYC until about 1999 when I dropped out of a partnership, and bought my own boat, I enjoyed racing with my daughter, until exams and Uni took over. Still had my back up Contender but that was mainly swimming rather than sailing!

Around that time Dave Lyons and I bought our first Tempest, which Dave and I still sail today. I thoroughly enjoy sailing the Tempest, which has been a constant at UYC for as long as I can remember. Other classes seem to come and go.

This now brings me back to the here and now; over the years I have witnessed the decline in racing participation, even in the Tempest fleet, there are various opinions as to why. I could go on about economic climate, traveling distance even the bad weather.

What is clear to me was something needed doing, so for this season we have introduced some changes to the program, the emphasis being on several weekends of full racing, weekends that hopefully folk could commit to. This doesn’t require you to commit for the whole weekend, you can still qualify just on the Sunday.

The format also changes on these weekends with an emphasis on fleet racing; this should help with the quality of racing and the administration for the OOD.

Staring with format, for any class to qualify as a fleet will require 4 boats of the same class as a minimum, I have kept this figure lower than the general six boats to help encourage fleets.

Fleets will be :- Cruisers, Keel boats, that’s anything with a fixed keel without a cabin (current keel boats at UYC Tempest, ff15’s, SB3’s and J80’s), Aysemtrics, fast  and slow handicap, fast handicap PY up to 1000, slow anything above that.

The fleet weekends start with the Easter Regatta in April, then fleet weekends in May, June, August and September.

I’m looking forward to this season and can’t wait to get back on the water; I’m hoping for more boats out there, I’m also open to any suggestions to make this happen.  Let’s hope the weather is kind to us.

I wish all at UYC a Happy New Year, and a good season of sailing.

All the best,


Posted on 08 January 2014 (Archive on 05 February 2014)
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