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Last weekend was the second in the series of Fleet Weekends.  It was the first weekend I had been able to take part in, and I was really looking forward to it.  As a keelboat sailor (sailing Flying Fifteens before the Tempest) I was especially looking forward to sailing in a large fleet.

Most important, my remit as Sailing Secretary, was to get more boats out on the water for the whole weekend, not just Sundays.


34 boats started the race on Saturday, with increased numbers on Sunday and the number of boats on the water took me back to when I joined the club in the 90s. It is a long time since we had such a lot of boats on the water for a normal weekend.

 The Keelboat fleet had 9 boats starting on Sunday, a fantastic number, together with the cadets starting in the Handicap fleet, it was good to see a lot of boats on the start line.

The weather was challenging, especially on the Sunday with little wind, however the series was completed which was the important part.

I know there is still a lot o room for improvement, especially the splitting of the fleets.  Any comments please let me know by email at

Thanks go to Andrew Webster and Hannah who did a brilliant job organizing the racing. Also to Dave and his Caribbean Night which went down a storm! Lester’s limbo dancing and windsurfing balancing act was great and he deserved the prize of a half eaten bag of cheese and onion crisps!

Great weekend, thanks to all who made it happen.

 Report by Graham Donkin

Posted on 24 June 2014 (Archive on 14 July 2014)
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Rating: 4.00
where are the results !!!!!!!