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Fantastic turnout for Barts Bash

Fantastic turnout for Barts Bash

   Photos show start line and and Classic meets Modern

The racers from Ullswater joined more than 18,000 sailors from hundreds of clubs all over the world to compete in a special race run by their respective clubs on the day as part of the Guinness World Record bid. They also raised more than £750 for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation.

Organisers of Bart’s Bash at the club were pleased that so many members of all ages, from juniors to veterans, and sailing a wide range of different boats had signed up to take part in the special event.

Sunday brought bright sunshine, showing Ullswater at its very best, but very little wind. Race officer Rob Watson set a simple triangular course and the race got under way from a start line in front of the clubhouse in a very light North-easterly breeze. But there was enough wind for the boats to make it to the first mark at the Pooley Bridge end of the lake, sail to the second mark on the opposite shore of the lake, round a third mark and back to the club.

The faster boats sailed two laps of the course and the rest of the fleet went round the triangle once, with 54 boats completing the race. The timings were sent by the club to a central race control which is collating returns from all over the world and the results will be announced later along with the details of the Guinness World Record attempt.

Then after the racing, everyone got together for tea and cakes, which all helped with the fundraising, boosting the charity donation.

Commodore John Spivey said he was delighted at the response of Ullswater Yacht Club to the event.

He said: “The club has raised more than £750 for the Andrew Simpson Foundation and these monies will go towards training in sailing and life skills for young people.

“The turnout from all sections of the club was the best I have seen in my fifteen years as a member. Hundreds of clubs round the world have taken part in this event and I await confirmation that a world record for the maximum number of participants in a sailing race has been achieved.

“The members of Ullswater Yacht Club have played their part in this venture and they should be proud of themselves. In future, in the spirit of Andrew Simpson and with our Sailing School open to the community, UYC will continue to introduce and encourage people to sail – especially the young.”

To qualify for inclusion in the world record attempt the club had to fulfil a range of conditions including having two independent witnesses and organisers would like to thank Herald editor Colin Maughan and local pharmacist Philip Caton for giving up their time to come to the club and watch the racing as official observers.

Report by Sue Giles, photos by Pauline Thompson

Posted on 14 October 2014 (Archive on 11 November 2014)
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