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Paul and Tamsyn Tie the Knot at UYC

Paul and Tamsyn Tie the Knot at UYC

Paul and Tamsyn Wedding party at Ullswater Yacht Club

Paul had been a member of UYC for about 20 years first as part of my family membership then as a student but now lives in the south of England but he stills enjoys coming to the club and returns to crew for me at the Birkett.  He met Tamsyn whilst crewing  in a Sonata for Bob and Barbra who are also ex members of the club when they sailed a Tempest.

They decided that they would like to get married in the North and have a reception and an evening party at Ullswater.   The civil ceremony was held at Greystoke Castle followed by a Buddhist ceremony at the club.

With a lot of help from our friends at the club the room was transformed into a very nice venue for the wedding meal and later the evening do. Our immigrant friends from Eastern Europe acted as waiters, sommelier and  Master of ceremony, see pictures. The meal and evening Buffet was provided by a well-known chef called David.

All went well apart from the fact I ate too much in the afternoon and could not enjoy the excellent Buffet in the evening.

The club scrubs up well, thanks to everyone who helped make the event so successful.

The workers and their resultant room


Posted on 13 November 2014 (Archive on 11 December 2014)
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