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Ullswater Featured in Yachting Monthly Magazine

Ullswater Featured in Yachting Monthly Magazine

The four-page article in Yachting Monthly is by regular contributor yachting journalist and photographer Bob Aylott.

He normally focusses on the popular yachting areas of the English South coast or the West coast of Scotland. But last year Bob decided to broaden his horizons and approached Harry Patrick, the club’s membership secretary (new members), about the possibility of putting the spotlight on yacht sailing on Ullswater.

On the jetty – An early start for Liz, Harry and Vince on the Hunter Horizon. Picture by Bob Aylott

Harry explained: “Yachting Monthly’s main readership is the South coast, the Solent and round to Essex, and the Clyde, and prior to this it has aimed at larger, 33’ and upwards, boats suitable for Channel sailing and crossings and round the Isle of Wight, Cowes and up the West coast.

“The idea of smaller boats on lakes was new and didn’t fit with the normal readership but he rang me and asked about UYC.”

Below: Harry Patrick and Liz Amos at UYC
Picture by Nicola Amos, age six

Harry and his partner Liz Amos regularly sail and race their Etap 21, ‘Dilemma’ on Ullswater but this was considered unsuitable for the feature so Harry suggested his friend Vince Mee who joined the club last year with a Hunter Horizon 23.

Vince is an Ocean Yacht Master and instructor. He has made trans-Atlantic crossings and used to own a 40-footer called Desert Star which was based in Gibraltar.

Harry added: “The idea was that here was a very experienced sailor who had done the offshore, blue-water stuff in a big boat and could now compare that with a smaller boat on inland, non-tidal waters.   “If it appealed to Vince, others, who had not considered the idea, might give it some thought – and we might get some new members.”

Vince agreed and so he, Harry and Liz found themselves at the club at 5.30am for two days in June last year, meeting up with journalist Bob Aylott while he put the Hunter Horizon through its paces.

Bob sailed from Pooley Bridge to Glenridding with Vince, accompanied by Liz and Harry in their Etap, taking pictures along the way. The photographs and article have finally made it into print and Bob is delighted with the results.

He said: “Our visit to Ullswater YC was a first for Yachting Monthly magazine and I'm glad to say it was a roaring success. But with features of this type it is the team effort that produces the end results. Planned with military precision by Harry Patrick and his skipper Liz Amos, we've made my ‘victim’ Vince Mee look like a superstar.

“In the background sweating on the final results was press officer Greg Stephenson from Cumbria Tourism and Golakes, who had twisted arms to arrange accommodation at two of Ullswater's finest hotels, the Rampsbeck Hotel and the amazing Blencowe Hall. I'm sure our readers will enjoy reading about Ullswater as much as I enjoyed shooting it.”

Ullswater Yacht Club’s Commodore. Peter Lewis, is also thrilled that cruiser sailing on Ullswater is receiving national recognition.

“It is wonderful that Bob’s article and Vince’s experience has brought the fun and beauty of sailing on Ullswater to the attention of the wider sailing community,” he said. “I hope that sailors will pay us a visit and enjoy the hospitality we have to offer.”

He added that the experience of sailing on Ullswater is open to all. There are free taster days available at the club for anyone who is interested and they can go on to take a recognised course at Ullswater Sailing School.

“When they fall in love with the sport and location we would welcome them as new members.”

Note from Sue Giles, who prepared this piece "I bought Yachting Monthly, £4.50, from WH Smith. To find out where to buy a copy ring 020 3148 3333."


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