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"A fantastic weekend's sailing", March 28 & 29

"A fantastic weekend's sailing", March 28 & 29

Despite capsizes and several incidents which provided plenty of entertainment for those on the shore, VX One helm David Clarke reckoned they’d had "A fantastic weekend’s sailing."
The wind conditions were truly wild on Saturday, March 28, with strong winds of over 30 mph and the highest guest at the steamer jetty at Pooley Bridge recorded at 46.3mph.
On Sunday, the winds were lighter but still with strong gusts. Race winners on handicap were David, Clare and Edmund Clarke in a VX One and Lester Noble and John McAfee in a 49er.
Club officials are hoping for an improvement in the weather for this weekend for the first big event of the year, the Easter Regatta, from Saturday to Monday, April 4-6. The Club is also welcoming the Mirror Class for the first of their six-event 2015 Northern Traveller series.

Posted on 30 March 2015 (Archive on 27 April 2015)
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