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Great turnout, wonderful weather for Easter Regatta, April 4-6

Great turnout, wonderful weather for Easter Regatta, April 4-6

Above: Easter Regatta winners

Despite the very light conditions with winds coming from a difficult North-westerly direction, race officer David Sykes managed to run a total of seven races and the racing turned out to be very close.

A total of 51 boats took part, including nine Mirrors - Sunday’s three races were counted as the first of their nine-event Northern Travellers series – with visitors from Beaver, Yorkshire Dales, Bowmoor and Dee Sailing Clubs. And the club was also pleased to welcome seven visiting RS200s from Beaver and Yorkshire Dales.

The racers were split into three fleets, Fast Handicap of up to 999 PY, General Handicap and Mirrors.

All three racing days began in misty no-wind conditions and the start was delayed until the puffs of wind appeared. The courses were small giving the dozens of visitors on the shore a chance to watch the competition, while soaking up the sun.

Youngsters from the Mirror fleet took part in a day of RYA training on the Friday of the event. And when it came to the racing, it could not have been closer. After six races Robert Richardson crewed by Sandy Simpson of UYC and George Richards and Katy Jenkins of Beaver/Bowmoor SC, both had three firsts. With a second in the final race, Robert and Sandy took the top spot. George and Katy were second and Sarah Richards and Douglas Simpson, of Beaver/UYC were third. The same three boats ended up in the same three positions in Sunday’s races for the Mirror Travellers.

It was also close in the General Handicap fleet with just one point between the top two boats. James Penty and George Stainforth of Beaver were winners with their fellow club members Martin and Tom Penty second. RS200s took the top five places and there were just four points between the boats in the first four places.

The Fast Handicap fleet was a mix of the traditional and the high tech with racing trapeze keelboats Tempests competing against Olympic class 49ers and the new asymmetric racer the VX One. Making the most of the light conditions, Graham Donkin and Dave Lyons of UYC in a Tempest took first place with three firsts and two seconds. Ian Modral and Robin Higgens were second in a Tempest and Anne Noble and Rick Boyce were third in a VX One.

Rick Boyce managed to win two crewing prizes. On Monday Anne was not competing and Ian Modral was crewless in his Tempest so Rick jumped aboard.


  1. Robert Richardson and Sandy Simpson, UYC, 7 points
  2. George Richards and Katy Jenkins, Beaver/Bowmoor, 7
  3. Sarah Richards and Douglas Simpson, Beaver/UYC, 13

Fast Handicap

  1. Graham Donkin and Dave Lyons, Tempest, UYC, 7 points
  2. Ian Modral and Robin Higgens/Rick Boyce, Tempest, UYC, 10
  3. Anne Noble and Rick Boyce, VX One, UYC, 20
  4. Howard and Thomas Steavenson, VX One, Tynemouth SC, 23

General Handicap

  1. James Penty and George Stainforth, RS 200, Beaver, 8 points
  2. Martin and Tom Penty, RS 200, Beaver, 9
  3. Sam and Tim Waller, RS 200, Beaver, 11
  4. Eddie and Rachel Grayson, RS 200, Beaver, 12
  5. Emma Clayton and Faye Caswell, RS 200, Yorkshire Dales, 32
  6. Julie Archer, Lightning, UYC, 34

Posted on 07 April 2015 (Archive on 05 May 2015)
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