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Training Weekend, May 9 & 10

Training Weekend, May 9 & 10

Instructor Maddie Bairstow shows how it's done

More than 40 club members were involved, working in seven groups - children level 1,2,3 and two racing groups as well as groups of adults, one beginners and one improvers. Officials were delighted that a third of those taking part were adults, most of them new members from this year and last.

The instructors were all RYA qualified club members from the club’s own Ullswater Sailing School. Many of them grew up and learned to sail at the club themselves, including the weekend’s senior instructor Edmund Clarke who did an excellent job ensuring everyone’s safety and enjoyment.

The weather was challenging, giving the sailors a taste of just about everything Ullswater has to offer. Saturday was quite windy in the morning about a force 3/4, reducing to a 2/3 in the afternoon then dying. On Sunday the wind just grew and grew until by about 2.30pm it was so strong and still increasing that all the boats had to be brought in. By 4pm it was a steady force 7 down the lake by. So the sailors concentrated on theory in the afternoon and everyone seemed to still be enjoying themselves.

On the Saturday afternoon, members of the youngest group were asked what they had learned and they said it was that there were no sharks or crocodiles in the lake - hopefully this meant they felt more confident on the water! The girls’ racing group said the weekend was summed up by one word ‘awesome’.

The club was also pleased to welcome a group of visitors from the Tideway fleet. The Tideway is a 12 foot traditional sailing boat and the owners were using the club as a base for a cruising weekend. They were, as always, great guests and were very complimentary about the club and training. But at the end of Sunday when the wind became very strong, it was discovered that a Tideway was missing. Two club members took a safety boat down the lake and eventually found the Tideway beached on the other side of the lake past the narrows. The helm had left his buoyancy aid attached to the fence so they knew he was OK.  The wind had just got too strong for him to get back. Eventually he turned up having walked to Glenridding then taken the bus to Pooley Bridge and walked back to the club!

Posted on 12 May 2015 (Archive on 09 June 2015)
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