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Sea King drama on Sunday

Sea King drama on Sunday

The Sea King flew low over the lake and landed a winchman successfully on the back deck of the Ullswater ‘Steamer’ Raven, which had just left Pooley Bridge, then lifted him up again. Not knowing that it was a practise, UYC race officials sensibly abandoned the race which involved 14 boats sailing close to the Raven and recalled all the sailors back to the clubhouse.

The racers were relieved to find that not was not a real emergency and the second two races of the day were held on Sunday afternoon. The winners were: Asymmetric Fleet - Matty & James Lyons in a 49er and Howard Steavenson & Mark Ward in a VX One; Conventional Fleet – Tom Neilson in a Laser and Dave & Sue Giles in a Flying Fifteen; Tempests – Mike Adams & Martin Sykes.

Eight members of the Cruiser Fleet missed it all as they were taking part in a long distance race to the Glenridding end of the lake and back. The winners, after racing for more than three hours, were Robin Barratt and Nigel Hampson in an Etap 21. 

Picture by Mark Littlejohn 

Mark Littlejohn was on Raven: "We were contacted this morning by the guys from the RAF Search and Rescue who wanted to do a wee practice run on Raven as we sailed down the lake. We were asked not to put up the ensign on the back and we had to make sure the back deck was clear as well.

"Despite low cloud they came in just after 11am as we sailed down the Lake from Pooley Bridge. Communication was poor as the noise from the big old Sea King was immense. The surface of the water was boiling up and it was a truly impressive sight for all our passengers.

"The lad on the winch landed extremely smoothly, had a quick crack with our skipper, the intrepid Dave Stanger, stopped for a couple of photos with the kids on the boat and before you could say "smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast" he was off again. Great to see and amazing skill by all concerned."

Posted on 14 July 2015 (Archive on 11 August 2015)
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