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Bart's Bash, September 20

Bart's Bash, September 20

The total amount raised over the weekend for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation was £750, thanks to everyone involved. Bart's Bistro's tea and cakes, pictured, were very popular.

The results of our Sunday morning race were sent to the Bart's Bash organisers and they have their own formula of handicapping involving distance, wind speed and the type of boat which results in a 'corrected' speed for everyone taking part all over the world. Then the 'corrected' speed is put into a world-wide ranking. Currently the first boat Lester Noble in a 49er is in 55th place with Matty Lyons, the same speed,  56th.

The see the full results for Ullswater boats this is the link -

Posted on 20 September 2015 (Archive on 18 October 2015)
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