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Terry Lyon

Terry Lyon

Phil thinks that the family joined the club in around 1964/65. He says his dad first bought a GP14 and joined a local sailing club just outside Sheffield where they lived. Some time after he bought a Flying 15 and Phil has vague memories as a small boy of going to Edinburgh to collect it. They sailed at Rudyard Lake for maybe one season before joining UYC.

The Flying 15 was No 464 - all wood and lots of varnish. There was quite a fleet and then Mike Glanister brought along a demo Tempest from Richardsons at Darlington. Of that era the names that come to his mind of people who were ‘cajoled’ or ‘press-ganged’ into buying a Tempest along with Terry Lyon were Bob Hanson, Brian Wade, John McKinley and Malcolm Lawson, supported by their wives and families.

Terry’s Tempest was No 29 which then went to Brian Moreton and Peter Brown when he bought a cruiser. Terry Lyon and his friend Bob Hanson took a trip to Portaferry in Northern Ireland to look at a Ruffian and have a test sail. Phil thinks Bob and his dad both ordered Ruffians at around the same time. Bob's was ready and on the water first. Terry’s Ruffian was bought and sailed for many years by another well-loved and much-missed UYC character, Bob Noble.

Phil recalls that when his dad was Commodore the clubhouse was extended with Bob Hanson, who was an architect, dealing with the plans and members putting forward money through a loan arrangement.

Phil loved growing up at Ullswater and became a keen and successful dinghy sailor. With his crew David Podmore, he won the Birkett in a Fireball three times in a row from 1979-1981.

·     The picture shows the Birkett Trophy presentation in 1970 with Terry Lyon, who was the Commodore, third right at the front and Audrey next to him. Also in the picture is Ray Foord who won the trophy and his crew Arthur Foord. Other prizewinners in 1970 included Derek Burgoyne, who became UYC President, back row, far left, and his wife Barbara, and on the front row, far left, is the club's permanent race officer at the time, Peter Ellis-Groom.

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