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Committed to opening in March 2016

Committed to opening in March 2016

Peter Lewis writes:

Marion Marshall and Robin Stanley with John Innerdale were some of the first to reach the club on Sunday 6thDecember, having walked over the fields through deep water, as the lane was impassable beyond Waterside. I am particularly grateful to John for his determination to provide immediate advice and the benefit of his experience in 2009. The clubroom bar, kitchen and changing areas were flooded to a greater depth than 2009. Many dinghies were washed or blown from their berths. Attempts have been made to contact owners of those that appeared to be damaged. The cruisers generally appeared to be undamaged but it was impossible to look at each one in detail. There are daily diary entries, with many photos on the home page and in the gallery on the UYC website. These will be updated as regularly as we can along with Facebook.

Marion and Robin have visited the club regularly along with David Dickinson. John Innerdale and other members have done some initial clearing up and made preliminary assessments of the damage. It is inevitable that the club will need to make a significant insurance claim. All the club directors and the President met last week by telephone conference call. They discussed immediate concerns re. health and safety on site, advice from and liaison with the club insurers. The Board agreed unanimously that the key deliverables for the recovery programme should be:

*  develop and implement a plan to clear up the site, including club & members’ equipment
* develop and implement a plan to ensure the club is open for sailing for the start of the season
* obtain the key information to determine the strategy for the clubhouse
* develop and implement a communication strategy to keep members fully informed

The Board also agreed unanimously to set up a Recovery Sub Committee of the Board to achieve the above as follows: Chair: Marion Marshall (UYC Honorary Secretary 2016); David Dickinson (Site supervision); John Innerdale (Retired architect – gave extensive support to the 2009 – 10 rebuilding programme); Rob Watson (Administrative support); Paul Lewis (Chartered Building Surveyor, extensive experience of flood damage restoration);Jenny Anderson (UYC Business Administrator); Michael Davy ACII, FCILA (Loss adjuster Crawford THG (UK) Limited); Structural engineer (to be appointed by UYC); Building Surveyor (to be appointed by UYC); Carl Hallam (Director, UYC, has extensive construction industry experience)

The Board also agreed unanimously that the Recovery Sub Committee will prepare agendas and publish minutes of meetings and in all other ways operate as required by Article 60 of the UYC MemArts.  The purpose of this sub committee is to fact-find i.e What is the insurance company’s view on the structure and state of the clubhouse? Will they reinsure and what are the options and alternatives?  Once in possession of the facts the Board will be in a position to consider the options and alternatives.
The insurers have responded quickly bearing in mind the extent of the damage in Cumbria and beyond. I have spoken with the loss adjuster, who has given clear advice on what can and can’t be done at this early stage of the recovery programme. I know that many members want to begin clearing up immediately but it is vital that time is taken to record in full the damage done, check items against club inventories and compile accurate reports ready for the visit of the loss adjuster this week.
Members should wear substantial footwear as the whole area is very wet and some of it is covered up to a foot deep in leaves and debris, which conceal obstacles such as ladders, logs, glass bottles and broken glass from the bar, etc. Driving over the flood line should be avoided for the same reasons.  As the water may be contaminated you should bring suitable gloves or antibacterial wipes or similar. We have organised portable toilets and hand washing facilities to be delivered to the site. Please do not attempt to enter the clubhouse or adjacent sheds.

 I must sincerely thank all those members who have helped so far and those who have offered to do so in future. As soon as possible the Directors will organise some general clear up days for which we would appreciate your support. We are exploring the possibility of taking up an offer of significant help from a local organisation to assist with site clearance and inventory checking which has been offered free of charge. There are some logistics to resolve.
The Directors recognise the task facing us and in particular the demands that will be made of the flood recovery sub committee. We shall also be relying on your help and support to achieve it as quickly and efficiently as possible. If you are willing to help either on site or have relevant professional advice and experience to offer, please let Marion Marshall or Rob Watson know -
We are totally committed to opening the Club at the start of the season. I am confident strategies are in place to achieve that. We will keep you informed by email, the website, Facebook etc. of progress on the agreed deliverables, how and when you can help and any other relevant information.

Posted on 14 December 2015 (Archive on 11 January 2016)
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