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Update from the Commodore

Update from the Commodore

Under the terms of our insurance we are required to protect the integrity of the current building, while the damage assessment is conducted. The support of around 30 member volunteers on December 28th, the clear-up day, made a significant difference  and ensured that we are able to run at optimum efficiency the 5 dehumidifiers and 10 blowers we are using to help the clubhouse dry out. The clubhouse has now been handed over to Atkinsons building contractors who have started the professional strip out. All of the furniture has been disposed of and the kitchen equipment either written off or sent away to be sanitised via an industrial cleaning company. Electrical equipment from the kitchen and race box has been sent away for PAT testing. Thank you to members for their support on the clear-up day and we are intending to hold future sessions. 
A structural survey and reinstatement assessment are being completed which we will use for a discussion with the loss adjuster and insurer to answer the key questions.
1. Will the insurers reinsure the building?
2.  If so, will it be at reasonable / affordable premiums and excesses?
3.  What would the size of any cash settlement from the insurers be (if any).  As with all insurance claims any cash settlement will only reflect the cost of repair without any betterment. It would not reflect a new build cost even if new excess levels for flooding are applied.
Therefore we hope, when this information is available, to be in a position to decide whether to retain this building or consider other options.  The Board is expecting to hold discussions with the Loss Adjuster again towards the end of January. One of the Flood Recovery Sub Committee’s objectives is to research and consider options and alternatives so that we in a good position to respond quickly to the insurers decisions and feedback. There will be consultation with the Membership on the way forward once the initial assessment is complete.
With just 9 weeks before the start of the season, we are unlikely to have the existing buildings available and we are making preparations for temporary accommodation. Following feedback from the previous flood, we recognise that ideally any temporary accommodation should be of a higher standard than last time, although we are limited by availability as well as the level of funding the Loss Adjuster is willing to cover.
Despite continued adverse weather, the surrounding business communities are all working well together to ensure that Ullswater is open for business by the start of the season. There is good news about access to the Club from the north and west via Pooley Bridge it is intended within the next few weeks to put a temporary bridge over the river where the previous bridge stood and that this will be in use by Easter to see a full article on this please go to: or see the article on the UYC Facebook page.
I am pleased to advise that Ullswater Steamers have piped their first passenger of 2016 aboard and are now operational.
I would like to thank club members for their support and I am confident that by all working together we can have another successful sailing season in 2016. Please contact   by email, if you have any queries.

- Peter Lewis, Commodore, UYC

Posted on 15 January 2016 (Archive on 12 February 2016)
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