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Flood recovery update from the Commodore

Flood recovery update from the Commodore

The drying out of the building fabric is progressing well following the final strip out by Atkinsons of the boiler and appliances. A Structural Engineer has inspected the building and has verbally reported that there is no significant damage to the structure. The decision to upgrade the floor and supporting walls after the last flood has certainly paid off.

The plan which the Flood Recovery Committee is working on is to have the changing rooms ready for the start of the season, while the front club house would follow later. It will be a tight schedule so we have agreed with the insurance loss adjuster to place an order for temporary toilets, showers and changing rooms with a supplier just in case we hit any snags. The race box has also been given a priority with the contractors. We hope to have an estimate for the reinstatement cost and some competitive prices from two contractors for a refurbishment by the end of next week, then we will be able to discuss these and the way forward with the loss adjuster and the insurance company.

We have placed an order for temporary accommodation for the kitchen, bar, club room and training room, as we will not have the front section of the club house available to us at the beginning of the season. We want to have the best accommodation for our members that we can, therefore, we have agreed with the loss adjuster that we have a higher grade of accommodation than that used after the 2009 flood. While it won’t be like our club house we aim to make it as inviting and usable as possible in the circumstances. The food menu and service will need some streamlining while we are using the temporary kitchen but I am sure that David, as always, will produce appetising meals and snacks to keep us well fed and watered.
The use of temporary buildings will mean some re-arranging of the dinghy park and Rick Boyce is working on this, so please be understanding if you do not get your preferred spot.

Our discussions with the RYA and Sports England came to the conclusion it was best to continue with the renewed IFF bid for the ladies' changing rooms and training facility and then subsequently to review if we could change the scope should we be successful. Thank you to all those members who notified us of available flood recovery grants and I am pleased to advise we have a meeting on February 2nd with the Cumbria Flood Recovery Advisor to pursue these.

Marion Marshall has been working with David Dickinson and David Clarke to arrange our staffing for the season ahead. Megan is returning to support David, however, Fiona will not be available for the kitchen this season as she has personal commitments and Wendy Lewis is leaving us. David has someone in mind for the kitchen support and we will be advertising for a replacement for Wendy soon.

I have had a chat with the planning office and in light of the floods they will be flexible about our use of the Birkett Field while we have the temporary accommodation so that should help alleviate some of the site congestion at the beginning of the season. However, I do strongly urge the members with Cruisers on site to launch their boats with urgency this year well before the deadline of Monday 2ndMay as required in the Club Bylaws.

Finally we would like to have a site preparation day on 5th March when members can help get the club and site ready for opening on 19th March. Please come along and lend a hand. Once I have more information on progress, I promise to keep you informed and up to date.

With your support and understanding, 2016 will be another great season of sailing and fun at UYC.

- Peter Lewis, Commodore

Posted on 01 February 2016 (Archive on 29 February 2016)
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