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Sail Camp 2016

Sail Camp 2016

Sail Camp 2016 will contain the usual mix of fabulous sailing and fun,with the kids spending 4 sessions a day out on the water. In between, they will be fed glorious food from the kitchen all under the watchful eye of experienced dinghy and senior dinghy instructors. The cost will remain the same as last year at £160 per child for the week.

Sail Camp is run by volunteers who give up their time for the week to teach and look after the children and we need some help from parent volunteers too.  This is one of the best things that happens at Ullswater Yacht Club. One family cancelled a holiday to America as the kids refused to miss Sail Camp! So why not find out what all the fun is about and join us this summer? The details, an information letter and application form can be found under 'Events'... 'Sail Camp'.

Posted on 18 April 2016 (Archive on 16 May 2016)
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