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Ullswater Experience, May 29 & 30

Ullswater Experience, May 29 & 30

This year another batch of wannabe sailors will spend the weekend at the club. The visitors will be introduced to the basics of sailing and will be teamed up with club members and sail with them on their cruisers, either on a one-to-one or one-to-two basis.

They will also be given the opportunity to experience race officer duties both in the race office and on one of the club’s safety boats. On Saturday night, visitors and skippers will share their experiences of the day at a meal at the club. On Sunday they will watch the racing, and maybe take part. Last year’s visitors all had a good time and Paul receive such excellent feedback that he decided to hold the event again this year.

“It is a good way to give people the ‘cruiser experience’ and I am very grateful for all the help I had from many other members of the cruiser fleet who were willing to give up their time to introduce newcomers to sailing,” he said. “All the visitors had nothing but praise for the way they were made welcome at the club.”

Paul needs that help again this year, contact him by email or get in touch with cruiser rep Ian Priestley.

Above: All smiles at the Ullswater Experience last year

This is what one of last year's visitors wrote: "My experience of sailing was limited – it consists mainly of a day’s lesson in a small dinghy many years ago when I regularly capsized and spent most of the day in the water.  This was a little off-putting and so, whenever I see people sailing, I feel a mixture of admiration and envy and some regret that I didn't persevere. 

I was therefore really pleased to get the opportunity to take part in the ‘Introduction to Sailing’ weekend, especially as it involved sailing in cruisers rather than a small dinghy.  However I still approached the weekend with a degree of apprehension.

We met up on the Saturday morning.  There were nine of us in the group and I think most of us had limited sailing experience.  After introductions, we were taken round to see the range of boats sailed at the club and also given some basic safety instructions.  What struck me immediately was how friendly and welcoming everyone was that we met, which created a really positive impression.

 We were then introduced to the skippers we had been paired with who had agreed to take us out.  I was paired with Richard who was brilliant throughout the weekend.  I assisted him in putting the sails up on his cruiser and then went through some of the basics of sailing.  We went out for a short sail before lunch and then a much longer sail in the afternoon.  The afternoon session in particular was magical.  The weather was sunny and warm and the views from the lake of the mountains and fells were spectacular.  Richard let me take the tiller and had me using the commands for changing tack which I failed miserably to remember. In the evening we all had a meal together in the clubhouse with other members. The food was wonderful and again the atmosphere was so friendly and informal.  It was a great end to a great day. 

Sunday saw a change in the weather – it was overcast and colder with a strong wind which got stronger as the day went on.  Conditions were very different from the previous day and the sailing was exhilarating. At lunchtime we were all presented with our certificates stating we had 'tried sailing and performed safely and confidently in accordance with the RYA National Sailing Scheme'.  This was a much more positive outcome for me than my previous experience!  I would strongly recommend it to anyone who was interested in learning about the basics of sailing."


Posted on 20 April 2016 (Archive on 18 May 2016)
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