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Delighted to be back /new members night, June 11

Delighted to be back /new members night, June 11

The buffet for new members was held in the refurbished clubhouse which was badly damaged after the lake levels rose more than nine feet in the aftermath of Storm Desmond. The club opened as usual in March with the changing room facilities restored but the kitchen, bar and club rooms were replaced by temporary buildings. In April members decided to refurbish the rest of the clubhouse using volunteer helpers as much as possible.

Commodore Peter Lewis explained: “Long term we will be building a new clubhouse above the flood line but it was decided that a temporary solution would be to restore our old clubhouse as cheaply as possible.” So for the last two months many club members have hardly been seen without their overalls on as they restored the club room, using the minimum of professional help. “We are indebted to the helpers who have done a remarkable job. They have been acting in the true spirit of Ullswater Yacht Club,” said Peter Lewis.

The restoration team led by Keith McDermott, John Wales and Mike Adams took the opportunity to reconfigure the clubhouse, moving the bar and meeting rooms. Now the bar has a lake view, the main club room has more space and it has been furnished with comfy seating.

Despite the flood damage, the club has signed up a large number of new members this year and officials were delighted to be able to welcome them to the new-look clubhouse and happy to see the removal of the temporary kitchen and cabins which have served as meeting rooms and bar for the last two months.

Now the club is looking forward to its biggest event of the year, the Lord Birkett Memorial Trophy on July 2 and 3. Last year it was a record-breaker with highest number of entries since it was founded in 1963 - 231. It is also a finalist in the Cumbria Tourism Event of the Year with the winner announced on June 22 at an award ceremony at Cartmel Racecourse.

Relieved to be out of their overalls, part of the dedicated refurbishment team Mike Adams, of Carlisle, left and Keith McDermott

Posted on 14 June 2016 (Archive on 12 July 2016)
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