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Sail Camp 2016

Sail Camp 2016

The youngest groups spent the week training to be Jedi Sailors. They had attack missions on the Death Star, along with a mission to the forest moon of Endor looking for Ewoks (sweets were found instead!) The successful Jedis can be recognised around the club with their newly-earned Light Sabres. The more advanced groups spent the week involved in race training and learning to sail double-handers. They sailed in light winds to begin with and challenging winds toward the end of the week. Despite the heavy winds, our kids still managed to sail to windward for ice cream in Pooley Bridge and to to sail back to the club. No mean feat.

Our advanced group concentrated on completing the seamanship course as well as working towards their assistant instructor qualification within the club.  This is a significant step for our cadets as it focuses more on teaching, taking responsibility for others, and involves an understanding of how the processes work within the club. They even spent an afternoon having a go at the dinghy instructor pre-assessment course. We are proud to say we have seven more assistant instructors in the club to help out at club training events. Well done.

The final day saw sunny weather and fine winds for our regatta. We had the younger groups racing a Le Mans-style start around ODM, whilst the older groups sailed a traditional triangle course. Even our newly-qualified assistant instructors got in among the action with a race of their own. However, in true Sail Camp style, and at the discretion of our Senior Instructor, those leading were not leading for long. They had to practice other skills around the course (capsizing, rudderless sailing etc) to allow a fair(?) race. All of Sail Camp left for a glorious picnic down the lake and returned in time to put the boats away and for the prizegiving. - Steve Potter

This year’s winners were:

Alex Snaith (spirit of Sail Camp) Trophy - Annabel Davidson
House Captain Trophy - Alex Potter
Most Improved Girl - Kerensa Bairstow
Most Improved Boy - Thomas Whitehead
Regatta Winners:
U11 Girls - Lucy Worsley
U11 Boys - Thomas Coleman
U15 Girls - Jessica Davidson
U15 Boys - Angus Turner

There's an album of pictures in our gallery -

Posted on 09 August 2016 (Archive on 06 September 2016)
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