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#IamUYConTour - wear your T-shirt in an interesting location

#IamUYConTour - wear your T-shirt in an interesting location
#IamUYConTour  Step 1: Wear your #IamUYC T-shirt. Step 2: Take a picture in an ‘interesting or unusual’ location. Step 3. Post it on the Members & Friends of UYC Facebook page saying where you are and tagged #IamUYConTour.  We’ll print all the pictures and put them on display in the clubhouse and in an album on the UYC website. The T-shirts are navy blue with a yellow logo, £9 for the round-neck and £11 for the polo. They’re good quality and are printed at Sam Scott’s. Contact Marion Marshall if you want one -

#IamUYConTour - Sue and Jo Luke Giles at the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House above Lake Louise, Alberta Canada

Posted on 26 October 2016 (Archive on 23 November 2016)
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