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Flood Damage Repairs – Completion Schedule

Flood Damage Repairs – Completion Schedule


Bank Holiday Monday 30th August – full use of the site and portable cabins.


Tuesday 31 August – shut down all site services and start to disconnect the portable cabins. Start the transfer of power and services to the clubhouse.


Wednesday 1st September – remove the portable kitchen unit from the site.


Saturday4th, Sunday 5th September – final connection of services to the clubhouse and live testing of all systems. There will be no power available this weekend, but the portable cabins – including the toilets – will all be usable.


Monday 6th – Friday 10th September – prepare clubhouse for members use and final acceptance checks with the contractors.


Thursday 9th, Friday 10th September – remove all remaining portable cabins from the site.


Saturday 11th, Sunday 12th September – clubhouse in full use by the members.


Monday 13th September onwards – clearance of the site and restoration to normal use.


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